The Moment
Honoured Father, Honoured Mother Early 1941

It is still cool at sea so we are still in the blue uniform you so like mother. Captain Harada Seiichi again has us practicing our shooting; today it was a sub-calibre main gun practice. For complexity we flew off an aircraft as though a spotter. But with all this practice surely something is afoot. 

The Bits:
Hasegawa Hyuga kit 118 is the basis. On this fine start I added: Gold Medal Models IJN Battleship, GMM Cable Reels, White Ensign Models 1-350 Ladders & Walkways (as windows), WEM IJN Anti-Aircraft Weapons, WEM Fixed Wing Aircraft Parts, Pit Road Sailor Set, Hasegawa Ise/Hyuga Photo-etch, Clipper Model IJN-36 brass barrels with bags, Waterline Series Heavy Vessel Ordnance Set for planes, boats and bits, WEM Kure Grey, IJN Linoleum, Teak and RN White and the rigging is from World Precision Instruments and is 0.075 mm Tungsten wire. My primary reference was Gakken Pacific War Series No. 26 Ise Class Battleships. This book details the changes to Hyugaís tripod from that of sister Ise.

The Build:
This would be a great out of box build but there is so much opportunity to tinker. The kit design allows for after market photo-etch to be added around the funnel. I then turned to the after block and remade the aft tripod legs from brass rod. The main mast was also scratch built to get the detail of the aerial supports correct. As per Gakken 26 the pagoda was rebuilt to that of Hyuga with the rear openings added. As the pagoda went together I added the companionways and bracing deck by deck. The foremast is integral to the structure. The pagoda legs are slipped in last as the structure is attached to the main deck. Suitably sized drill bits kept decks aligned and ensured that by spinning out the bit, brass rod legs would go back in. Details of the sub-calibre practice guns are from photos in the Gakken 26 book and the large-scale model of Ise. I could not track photos of the sub-calibre guns actually being used. I assume a loader and ejector rating per gun. So four working ratings per turret of course need a P.O. to oversee all. How the 1" ammunition was passed I do not know. 

IJN Hyuga 1941 01 GHs.jpg (11635 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 04 GHs.jpg (10599 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 02 GHs.jpg (13647 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 03 GHs.jpg (11163 bytes)
IJN Hyuga 1941 05 GHs.jpg (14072 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 11 GHs.jpg (17122 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 12 GHs.jpg (15745 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 14 GHs.jpg (11491 bytes)

Thanks to Kerry Jang for the thought of using fine metal wire for rigging. The tungsten was chosen as it usually has a very slight tooth that allowed for easy colouring with a permanent marker and easy glue adhesion. Rigging does go slow as each line must be pre-shaped for the location. What surprised me was the strength in the rig once it was finished. An errant finger was not always disastrous.

Flags are my own printer via colour laser onto Avery labels, cut, folded and rigged. I tried the laser printed onto decal stock but even with fixative the images where not stable. Water was a combination of techniques from Rusty White and Len Roberto. Rust is from or from your local railroad shop.

Inspiration came from viewing the builds of J. Kluger, Tom Kristiansen, Byoung Dae Lee and Lars Mosbaek. I find it interesting that the private ship Hyuga is so much more commonly modeled than sister ship Ise; perhaps we do not like admirals flags. I have included a picture of my original 1971 Hyuga build next to this 2006 build. In 1971 ship modeling was in isolation with limited or no resources. With the quality of current kits, after market vendor support and this forum for inspiration and advice; we do live in halcyon times for ship modelers. 

IJN Hyuga 1941 06 GHs.jpg (27667 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 13 GHs.jpg (24083 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 09 GHs.jpg (16359 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 16 GHs.jpg (14662 bytes)
IJN Hyuga 1941 15 GHs.jpg (9230 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 07 GHs.jpg (13236 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 08 GHs.jpg (12429 bytes) IJN Hyuga 1941 10 GHs.jpg (14352 bytes)

George Hargreaves
Calgary, Alberta