In the late 1920s the Imperial Japanese Navy finished converting the hulls of battlecruiser Akagi and battleship Kaga into large aircraft carriers, just as the USN did with the battlecruiser hulls Lexington and Saratoga. However, the IJN still needed aircraft. At first the IJN worked in collaboration with foreign firms for provision of their first naval fighters and bombers but then they developed their own aircraft industry. Hasegawa has produced a new set of early 1930s Japanese naval aircraft in 1:700 scale.

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This set provides nine Nakajima Type 90 fighters and nine Mitsubishi Type 13 Model 2 attack bombers. The Mitsubishis could double as a torpedo bomber or standard bomber. Hasegawa even provides separate torpedoes. Well, what will be the backdrop for the miniature biplanes? They were long gone from the inventory by 1941. The answer is simple, the same aircraft come with the new Hasegawa Akagi from 1932 with her original three flight deck design. Now you can have even more aircraft on the Red Castle.

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