On December 3, 1934 the submarine depot ship, Tsurugisaki, was launched for the Japanese Navy. The 11,262 ton ship was designed to allow conversion in the future to either a fast oiler or light aircraft carrier. Launched on June 1, 1935, she served as a depot ship for two years, at which time she was taken in hand for conversion to a light carrier. On January 26, 1942 she was commissioned as the new light carrier Shoho. Carrying 30 aircraft with a speed of 28 knots, the life of the Shoho was short. Shoho became the first Japanese carrier lost in the war, when she was sunk by aircraft from USS Yorktown on May 7, 1942 at the Battle of the Coral Sea. Her sinking was the source for the famous quote, "Scratch one flattop!" The 1:700 scale Hasegawa kit of Shoho was built by Pascal Bruyere. He added photo-etch brass detail from L'Arsenal as well as doing some scratch-building on the model.

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