It has taken two evenings for this build for a Christmas present that made me notice how much pleasure such a small project can bring. I had this beautiful "Natalini" hand made picture frame that I wanted to fill with a family picture when the modeler's temptation just captured me completely. The unit is a Holland type submarine of the k.u.k. Kriegsmarine, the SMS U12, sunk in 1915 after hitting a mine in front of Venice. Nice to imagine this small units along the beautiful Croatian coast in those times. I have seen something similar to this subject on the website that Jim Baumann indicated on the message board.

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The kit visible at the bottom page of this address is very close to the one I have but they claim it to be in 1/400 scale. In my case, the box indicates 1/350th and from measurements it seems to be right. The model is very small measuring just over 8.5 cm (32 meters - 100 feet in reality). The hull is in white metal and is very nicely cast, surfaces are very smooth and needed almost no clean-up. Hecker & Goros are well known for their white metal figures and I am still wondering why they got into this field without even publishing it on their website.

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To increase a little bit the level of detail, I have scribed panel lines, very easy on metal and added some lengths of stretched sprues for the periscope and snorkel supports and the safety lines' stanchions. Walkways along the sail are photo-etch parts from my spare box, appropriately trimmed. The number twelve is a Delphis decal and is not present on all the shots because the pictures were taken in different steps of the construction. Included in the kit are five plastic injected figures from Preiser (1/350), very impressive and incredibly hard to find. I will probably get some more boxes just for the figures. This website and the one cited before have been my only references so far.

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Ciao a tutti,
Patrizio Carlucci