Attached are some photos of Heller's 1/400 kit of a LCT Mark IV and a LCT LSU. Though I don't like 'odd' scales, the price was only $7.00 and the kits build up fairly easily over a weekend. Parts fit was not all that it could have been, and I used a fair amount of gap-filling superglue. The photo-etch is all added; it does not come with the kits. The well decks looked very empty, so I included some 1/285 scale GHQ vehicles. To try and even-out the scale difference, I cut the height of the vehicles down. The cuts are all hidden on the bottom. That said, this is not intended for purists!

landingcraft3a.jpg (131799 bytes) landingcraft1a.jpg (105153 bytes) landingcraft4a.jpg (133932 bytes) landingcraft5a.jpg (122496 bytes)

Peter Van Buren