Here you are some photographs of my last construction, a German Elbing-class Torpedoboot, Heller 1/400 scale. These torpedo boats were heavily armed, had large mining capacity, and were regarded as little destroyers in the Kriegsmarine. The T-28 was the lead ship of the 5th Torpedoboote Flotilla, and along with Jaguar and Mwe, under the command of Commander Heinrich Hoffmann, made the only torpedo attack on the landings in Normandy at dawn on June 6th -- one single salvo of 18 torpedoes, with the result of the sinking of the Norwegian destroyer Svenner, after missing HMS Ramillies and HMS Warspite. The model is heavily modified, because as you already know Heller offers some very scarce models, but that are merely little else than a frame. Everything that was added has been scratch built. It was painted with Humbrol enamels. The hull red is self made, using Humbrol enamels, 80% signal red Satin 174 and 20% US ark green Matt 116. No photo-etch at all - too expensive for me. Pictures of this ship class -- Elbing Klasse Torpedoboote -- are not too abundant, so I had to make good use of the few I was able to gather.

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Guillermo Martinez Baz Sanjurjo Badia
Vigo, Spain