I actually started this project before the Trumpeter and Academy 1/350 scale releases of this ship. Just goes to show how slow of a builder I am. First off, I cut the hull to my preferred waterline version. I also added over a dozen portholes along with a half dozen hatches not included on the molding. Additional ladders and platforms were also added to locations according to my reference pictures. My Graf Spee was painted with Colourcoats paints from White Ensign Models. I also fitted her out with the dedicated WEM Photo-Etch set for this kit. L'Arsenal products include their resin crew figures set, oxygen and acetylene bottles and their Arado Ar-196 resin seaplane. The main and secondary brass gun barrels came from Modelmarine.de. The water was made with heavy acrylic gel. I would like to send out a personal thanks to SN member Simon Scheuer, who graciously donated the aft torpedo launchers from his own kit after I somehow lost mine. Thanks again, Simon! 

Editor's Note: Scale is 1:400 not 1:500 as in labels. There are disadvantages of editing pictures after midnight.

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Ted Bunn