This is the old 1:400 scale Heller LCT kit, given to me by an IPMS Auckland member, and built as the Royal Navy LCT-610, as of June 6, 1944. The idea was just a quick build with minimal extra detailing, minimal being a loose term. The model represents an LCT enroute to Normandy post D-Day. I have used spare 1:350 railing which is close enough for me. The Orelikons and GMC trucks are 1:400 L'Arsenal items and the crew figures are 1:350 L'Arsenal. I had to use trucks as there are not any suitable Sherman or Churchill tanks that I can find. I have used WEM Colourcoat paints for the hull painting and Humbrols everywhere else and the decals were computer produced by another IPMS club member.

lctPR38.JPG (139816 bytes) lctPR39.JPG (113589 bytes) lctPR40.JPG (143010 bytes)
lctPR44.JPG (137247 bytes) lctPR45.JPG (126746 bytes) lctPR46.JPG (117507 bytes) lctPR47.JPG (109818 bytes)

Pete Randall,
Auckland, New Zealand