Heller Kits for the Marine Nationale

The De Grasse frigate is an Heller kit modified with the Conversion set KC 400-01 from L'Arsenal. Building work was done by Sébastien Lausdat. –

De Grasse
De Grasse 1-25.jpg (104460 bytes) De Grasse 2-14.jpg (70324 bytes) De Grasse 3-26.jpg (91562 bytes) De Grasse 4-14.jpg (86465 bytes)

The Balny was almost scratch-built using an old Commandant Rivière Aviso Escorteur from Heller

Balny 1-26.jpg (96002 bytes) Balny 2-26.jpg (89127 bytes) Balny 3-14.jpg (90576 bytes)

The Duquesne is the Suffren from Heller extensively modified and detailed -

Duquesne 1AJDruel14.jpg (92059 bytes) Duquesne 2JDruel14.jpg (95733 bytes) Duquesne 3JDruel14.jpg (83967 bytes) Duquesne 4JDruel14.jpg (79922 bytes)

Same things for the Laffaux ( ex M-23 from Heller ) and Marceau ( Ex Z-31 ) from Heller. Both received a lot of modifications and improvements. –

Laffaux & Marceau
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Marceau 1JDruel26.jpg (86309 bytes) Marceau 2JDruel26.jpg (83208 bytes) Marceau 4JDruel26.jpg (70051 bytes)

L'Alsacien is the less modified and is basically the Heller kit with some refinements.

L'Alsacien 1JDruel26.jpg (88894 bytes) L'Alsacien 2JDruel26.jpg (87245 bytes) L'Alsacien 3JDruel26.jpg (74092 bytes) L'Alsacien 4JDruel26.jpg (79147 bytes)

In all cases railing is made with brass stanchions and fishing rope! In those old days PE was a dream for French modelers, and I had to drill thousands of tiny holes to accommodate the stanchions in the case of the Duquesne. All these models are my work.

The Béarn photos show the master for the 1:400 Béarn by L'Arsenal before finishing and sending into production.

Béarn Master
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Bearn 3Master.jpg (49924 bytes) BearnCamo60v.jpg (54614 bytes) Bearn 4Master.jpg (48533 bytes)