These are some photos of my model of the " Richelieu " around the end of WW2. The kit is from Heller, at the scale 1:400, with some modifications made based on the Dumas book on the ship.  Photo-etch parts are from Gold Medal Models and l'Arsenal.  Truck and sailors are from l'Arsenal. Thank you, SteelNavy members, for the great pleasure of admiring your ship models!

Richelieu01aVu.JPG (95460 bytes) Richelieu02aVu.JPG (104584 bytes) Richelieu09aVu.JPG (109276 bytes)
Richelieu06aVu.JPG (118811 bytes) Richelieu07aVu.JPG (112894 bytes) Richelieu05aVu.JPG (105057 bytes)
Richelieu08aVu.JPG (116613 bytes) Richelieu12aVu.JPG (65155 bytes) Richelieu03aVu.JPG (98823 bytes)

Happy modeling! 
Andy Vu