In an installment of Heroes of SteelNavy, we will almost meet the legendary Felix 'Man About Town' Bustelo. For those unfamiliar with Manhattan, the island has different names for various neighborhoods or districts. The major skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, UN and Flatiron Building are in Mid-Town, midway up the island. Another grouping of skyscrapers is located near the southern tip of the island and is called Down-Town. Felix 'Man About Town' glides effortlessly among the commercial and theatrical elite of Mid-Town and among the banking and financial elite of Down-Town. Trying to meet Felix is difficult, as he is always involved in some takeover, merger or other mega enterprise. When Donald Trump found out that I was looking for Felix, he said, "Good luck Buddy! I couldn't get an appointment with Felix until three weeks from now!" Still, I persisted. I started my search in Mid-Town, where I saw plentiful evidence of Felix's commercial enterprises. On trendy Fifth Avenue there was an upscale shoe store selling Felix's line of imported Italian shoes and also I found public entertainment put on by Felix's chain of Halloween Superstores. There was even more evidence found to the west in the theater district of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. On 34th Street is the New York institution of Macys and they were celebrating Felix Bustelo Day, although the Felix line of clothing did not suit my more conservative tastes. The Great White Way of Broadway was littered with glittering neon tributes to the Man About Town. With still no luck in finding him, I turned south to the financial and banking heart of New York and the country, Down-Town, location of the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. 

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As I journeyed into the financial district I checked for a vanity license plate for Felix. As I passed Rolls and Bentley parked along the side streets, I failed to spot a likely Felixmobile. Then it occurred to me, Felix wouldn't park in the street. In his rarified stratosphere he would have a private parking spot. I asked for the location of the most fashionable parking facility in Down-Town and was directed to a location near the Federal Reserve. I had to sneak past the guard to get in but then my luck changed. Eureka! There it was, Felix's private parking spot and additionally his sporty roadster was parked there. Unfortunately, my luck changed back at this time as I was nabbed by one of New York's finest. Given the choice of going to the local slammer or moving on to Queens or Brooklyn, I chose the later. Defeated that day, I awaited the dawn for an attempt to reach Felix in his posh palatial estate located in the Hamptons on the eastern end of Long Island. I was successful in this as well and located Chez Felix, with Felix's luxurious yacht out front. Upon knocking on the door, Clive attired in traditional Bustelo ancestral family livery, answered the door. Clive informed me that he was the butler for Master Felix but that Master Felix was unavailable, having flown out of JFK on the previous night bound for Heathrow. It seems he was invited to Windsor Palace today to advise the Royals on the world's financial situation. Incidentally, in spite of rumors that you may have heard on the street, Felix is without doubt, err......, probably, err........, somewhat unlikely to have behind the recent economic unpleasantness encountered earlier in October. 

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It was time to leave the Big Apple and I had failed in my task. Felix had been out of the country and it couldn't be helped. Still, I felt privileged just to spend a couple of days in the heady atmosphere that Felix inhales as matter of everyday life. Well, there is nothing for it, I'll have to try again in the future.