Here are Photographs of the IJN CV Hiryu built in 1:200 scale by my friend Danny Wong. Danny has been an IJN enthusiast since he was a child and he used two years to build this fine, highly-detailed model from the keel up.

Hiryu in 1:200 Scale by Danny Wong
Hiryu and Danny.JPG (42941 bytes) Hiryu at Full Speed.JPG (36974 bytes) Captain Danny in Command.JPG (35875 bytes)
Hiryu Bridge.JPG (31668 bytes) Hiryu Bow.JPG (24614 bytes) Hiryu Engine Room.JPG (44298 bytes) Hiryu Running.JPG (43063 bytes)

The boat has a wooden hull and is propelled by four Tamiya Temtech 370 motors. Danny keeps on detailing it up by adding more sailor figures, scratch-built aircraft and other accessories. For more details of the model, please check

John Horner