USS Hornet
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Hurricane bow and emergency con (click to enlarge)

Essex Class Aircraft Carrier
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Photographed  by Rob Mackie at
Alameda, California
Oct '98, Mar '99

Essex class carriers were the backbone of the US Navy's WWII Pacific operations. And USS Hornet CV-12 (not to be confused with USS Hornet CV-8 of Doolittle raid fame) is among the most famous of this illustrious class. Her combat record was remarkable. Under attack 59 times in 18 months of combat operations, Hornet's air groups and AA guns shot down 668 Japanese planes, destroyed another 747 aircraft on the ground, sank 73 ships with 37 probable sinkings, and damaged an additional 413 vessels.

Subsequent to WWII Hornet underwent two major refits. Her early 50s SCB-27A refit strengthened her flight deck and equipped her with more powerful catapults, in addition to other enhancements that enabled her to handle jets and heavy attack bombers. In 1956 she underwent an even more substantial SCB-125 refit. Among many other enhancements she gained an angled flight deck, a fully enclosed hurricane bow, and a new starboard side deck elevator. She was redesignated CVS-12 and now carried specialized anti-submarine aircraft. Her mission was to detect, track and destroy hostile submarines.

Now on display at the former Alameda Naval Base on San Francisco Bay, USS Hornet is a site to behold. Rescued from the breaker's torch three years ago by a determined - and ultimately successful - group of preservationists, she is now in beautiful shape. Restoration is a continuing process but it is well along, and Hornet is open to the public. I photographed her in October '98 and March '99. Hats off to the group that rescued this famous ship. We - and future generations - are in their debt.

USS Hornet
Essex Class

Vital Statistics
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
Commissioned: November 29, 1943 Decommissioned: June 26, 1970

Displacement: 41,200 tons full load
Length: 894' oa, 820' wl,  Beam 101' at waterline, 191'11" at angled deck
Flight deck length: 846', Draft 30' (normal)

Armament: WWII-twelve 5"/38, forty-eight 40mm, fifty-five 20mm
Final configuration: four 5"/38, eight 3"/50

Boilers: 8 Babcock and Wilcox (in 4 Fire Rooms),
Engines (4)  Westinghouse Geared Turbines, 150,000 shaft hp
Propellers: four 4-Bladed, Rudder:1, balanced (429 sq ft)
Steaming Endurance: 20,000 miles at 15 knots
Catapults: 2, type H-8 hydraulic
Elevators: 2 deck edge, 1 centerline, (all 46,000 pound capacity)

Complement: (ship's company & air wing): WWII 3,100, final 2,000+

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Note faired in hurricane bow

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Photo snapped from forward edge of angle deck
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Hangar deck
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Starboard elevator
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Starboard side forward gun tubs
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5"/38 and director
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WWII armoured con enclosed
by command bridge added post war

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