ICM released a 1/144th scale Type XXIII submarine earlier this year, and what a release it is! I realize this is suddenly the day of the 1/72nd Subs, (Revell and Special Hobby), but for those with limited display space, this is an absolute jewel. It is a relatively simple kit that goes together quickly and well. Depending how much the individual modeler really wants to put into this, it can be an impressive model. Unfortunately, you'll have to look at my example.

Type XXIII 013.jpg (12076 bytes) Type XXIII 034.jpg (11494 bytes) Type XXIII 024.jpg (12572 bytes) Type XXIII 026.jpg (12168 bytes)

The model as shown has a few minor additions. The Conning Tower steps, side handrails, and spring line were made from .005 surgical steel wire. The figures were modified from Preiser 1/144th scale figures. The running navigation lights were made from clear plastic and inserted into cutouts of the tower. I use strictly acrylic paints on all my models now to maintain Domestic Peace. Then came the weathering. The XXIII's were relatively new, but still suffered from maintenance neglect at the end of the war. So I decided to go with some weathering, but try not to overdo it. I use Winsor & Newton designer’s gouache in various tones, combinations, and washes for my basic weathering. I normally finish up with light pastel powder highlights. The readership are the final judges. Any constructive criticism is welcomed.

Type XXIII 009.jpg (11083 bytes) Type XXIII 010.jpg (11352 bytes) Type XXIII 016.jpg (13010 bytes) Type XXIII 018.jpg (12158 bytes)
Type XXIII 020.jpg (11765 bytes) Type XXIII 023.jpg (13141 bytes) Type XXIII 029.jpg (13969 bytes) Type XXIII 025.jpg (11774 bytes)

Overall I found it to be an extremely fun project. ICM did a great job producing this kit. And for an average price of $15.00 US, the modeler really has a bargain here. Hopefully, ICM will continue with new subjects in this scale. (Hint - Hint - Give us a US Gato/Balao and stand-by! Imagine the war time and post war conversion possibilities?) Until next time - enjoy !

Bruce Simard