Here are some photos of the Imperial Hobby Productions 1/700 scale USS Wyoming, Arkansas class monitor as she appeared early in her career, circa 1902-1903. The kit is very well cast, although there aren't a lot of associated items that generally are included with resin kits, but the price was very reasonable, and the ship is not very complex. I used spares from various kits for the secondary and quick firing guns, searchlights, and lifeboats. White Ensign Models' Tiger and Askold photo-etch sets were the source of some other details, and I raided a Tom's Modelworks IJN heavy cruiser detail set for the searchlight platform. Gold Medal Models' Gold Ultra railings were used, as well as their anchors. 9X (.002) Dai Riki line was used for the rigging, and WEM paints finished this little gem from Mike Bartel at Imperial Hobby Productions.

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Bob Cicconi