USS Panay, US Yangtze River Gunboat sunk by Japanese bombing in 1937. Iron Shipwright 1:192 scale kit super-detailed (even Art Herrick gave it his approval!!!)

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The model was built using the plans from Floating Drydock as well as some photos and sketches from a variety of sources. The canvas work is all white glue thinned and spread across the metal framework (scratch-built from brass) and then allowed to sag, giving it a thin delicate but quite convincing appearance.

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When painted the lacing eyes and lacing slots were drawn on carefully and lightly with pencil. The canopy on the motor sampan (starboard boat) was constructed from brass frame and white glue. Note the small clear window in aft face of canvas. Motor sampanís helm cabin is scratch-built. Crewmembers are railway figures with their feet removed, so as to bring them down to their correct height. Shoes are dabs of white glue on deck and then painted.

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Cage ariels were a very tiresome business. They were assembled on my cage ariel jig, using ladies nylon stocking thread. There are zillions of other small details, too numerous to mention. Water is artistís watercolour paper (textured) over balsa formers. The Panay won the Gold medal at the 2001 UK IPMS Nationals.