On the morning of December 7, 1941 USS Pennsylvania was in #1 Drydock at Pearl Harbor. Flagship of the USN Pacific Fleet. Mighty Penn was in the habit of being a flagship. On October 12, 1916, soon after being  commissioned, she became the flagship of the entire USN. In November 1943 she was the flagship for Admiral Turner's amphibious force.

As with other pre-war battleships, Pennsy took part in many bombardment missions. She had the reputation of supplying a tremendous volume of fire. She was present for the Battle of Surigao Straits but did not fire because she did not have the most modern radar and was masked by the other battleships in the line. On August 12, 1945 she was heavily damaged by a single aircraft torpedo, which hit her starboard stern. For some reason many of her water-tight doors were open. She lost the use of three shafts, which she never regained, and took on so much water that she was in danger of sinking. Towed to shallow water, she received temporary repairs and left for Guam at a maximum speed of 5 knots on August 28, accompanied by five tugs. Her hull was patched at Guam, she left for the West coast. Shipping water and steaming on one screw, she arrived at Puget Sound on October 24, 1945. Pennsy wasn't through, she went on to survive two A-bomb tests and was finally scuttled off of Kwajalein on February 10, 1948.

Iron Shipwright will soon be releasing a 1:350 scale multimedia kit of Pennsylvania in her 1944 fit. Another kit in her 1941 fit will be released later. Seen below are photographs of all of the resin parts for this kit. The photo-etched fret and instructions have not been finished yet but you can expect the kit to be ready before Christmas.

Hull Photographs
44Penn5931plan.JPG (57846 bytes) 44Penn5932bowplan.JPG (89982 bytes) 44Penn5933midplan.JPG (88240 bytes) 44Penn5934sternplan.JPG (76871 bytes)
44Penn5953sbow.JPG (67613 bytes) 44Penn5939paq.JPG (70825 bytes) 44Penn5940pfq.JPG (72178 bytes)
44Penn5929ppro.JPG (47813 bytes) 44Penn5935pbowpro.JPG (67235 bytes) 44Penn5937pmidpro.JPG (67959 bytes) 44Penn5938papro.JPG (66648 bytes)


Deck Photographs
44Penn5951shullpipe.JPG (87008 bytes) 44Penn5942pfqsup.JPG (71608 bytes) 44Penn5943sfqsup.JPG (78763 bytes) 44Penn5944Xbarb.JPG (72253 bytes)
44Penn5945focsle.JPG (86094 bytes) 44Penn5946X&Y.JPG (70179 bytes) 44Penn5947sfsup.JPG (72991 bytes)
44Penn5948sfsup.JPG (76709 bytes) 44Penn5949deckbreak.JPG (80136 bytes) 44Penn5941pfqsup.JPG (75885 bytes) 44Penn5950shullpipe.JPG (86742 bytes)


Smaller Parts Photographs
44Penn5695sbripro.JPG (66932 bytes) 44Penn5696brilevplan.JPG (81181 bytes) 44Penn5698brisfq.JPG (70658 bytes) 44Penn5909atower.JPG (72218 bytes)
44Penn5908atower.JPG (150166 bytes) 44Penn5928turrets.JPG (136935 bytes) 44Penn5904tripod.JPG (190550 bytes) 44Penn5905fit&plat.JPG (168674 bytes)
44Penn5906props.JPG (164604 bytes) 44Penn5907small.JPG (126680 bytes) 44Penn5902-20mm.JPG (106265 bytes) 44Penn5903-40mm.JPG (118596 bytes)


B or X Turret Photographs
44Penn5544BorC.JPG (119383 bytes) 44Penn5545BorC.JPG (141874 bytes) 44Penn5546BorC.JPG (179166 bytes) 44Penn5547BorC.JPG (99966 bytes)
44Penn5548BorC.JPG (83459 bytes) 44Penn5549BorC.JPG (105471 bytes) 44Penn5550BorC.JPG (64833 bytes) 44Penn5551BorC.JPG (104589 bytes)


Parts Location Photographs
44Penn5954pfq.JPG (84887 bytes) 44Penn5955psuppro.JPG (79867 bytes) 44Penn5956pqdf.JPG (89645 bytes) 44Penn5957pfsupa.JPG (86455 bytes)
44Penn5959atower.JPG (67468 bytes) 44Penn5958ohstf.JPG (51379 bytes) 44Penn5960briface.JPG (69508 bytes) 44Penn5961B&bri.JPG (77453 bytes)


Superstructure Photographs
44Penn5962pfsuptp.JPG (82746 bytes) 44Penn5963pmidprotp.JPG (84330 bytes) 44Penn5964suppfqtp.JPG (80200 bytes)
44Penn5966pfsupatp.JPG (78851 bytes) 44Penn5965Brifacetp.JPG (55812 bytes) 44Penn5968pfsupprotp.JPG (65912 bytes)


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