Here are a few shots of my recently completed 1:350 Scale Commanders/Iron Shipwright USS BAINBRIDGE CGN 25. The masts proved a challenge but, came out pretty good. I sharpened the knuckles and adjusted a few details to my liking. Looking forward to building the LEAHY when it come out!

Bain24jc.JPG (60764 bytes) Bain24stern.JPG (73778 bytes) Bain24mid.JPG (76417 bytes) Bain24bow.JPG (70348 bytes)
Bain18jc.JPG (89579 bytes) Bain20jc.JPG (42083 bytes) Bain22jc.JPG (81622 bytes) Bain19jc.JPG (83573 bytes)

Jaime Campbell