These are some photographs of my just completed HMS Dreadnought, Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale resin kit. Extra detail was added from White Ensign Models and L'Arsenal and some scratch-building. Water was with TAMIYA weathering kits. Painting was in Humbrol and Tamiya Enamels. This is  my first resin model and only my third model, as I have only just recently discovered this absorbing past time.

DreadCS151.JPG (45524 bytes) DreadCS154.JPG (47551 bytes) DreadCS155.JPG (50621 bytes)
DreadCS156.JPG (58065 bytes) DreadCS152.JPG (75040 bytes) DreadCS153.JPG (61781 bytes) dreadCS158.JPG (77626 bytes)

Colin Swager
Auckland, New Zealand