This subject, John Hollandís VI is a made using the 1:72 scale resin Holland kit from Commanders/Iron Shipwright. With extra detailing the kit is not "out of box". The model itself is an excellent piece but the instructions I found a bit vague by not showing a close-up of the completed model or in describing where all the photo-etch parts go. So if youíre not familiar with the submarine be prepared to dig into those Holland books & sites. The recovered/restored Holland in England is a later model to the USS Holland VI and does not correlate much in detail with the original VI . The rear control rods on the Holland appear similar to rack & pinion rods of an automobile with a few joint linkages before each of the two reach the rear control planes. The exhaust vent is in the rear casing and is a large hole were the rudder rods pass. Extra limber holes were also needed as well as the vent blister cover plate on the right aft casing. The crew is from my spare parts box.

Holland50MG.jpg (64000 bytes) Holland53MG.jpg (78347 bytes)
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Building this sub, it is kind of heart breaking in a way of what a shameful fate befell the real Holland V1. It fell victim to the cutters torch of a shallow minded person for $100. New York Sun 1948 - Harlem Metal Corporation "You mention relics - sentiment and all that. Nothing doing here! I'm no idol worshipper. With me it was just a matter of an old boat with some good metal." In denying countless generations a real look into this engineering marvel , it is all very sad.

Mario Grima