Here are pictures of my build of the 1/350 scale Iron Shipwright USS Illinois. I made two modifications to the kit. First, I added brass barrels. Second, I added a second tall vent to the rear deck. The instructions only called for one vent but based on the photos downloaded from the internet, two are needed. The Illinois is typical ISW: the hull and major parts were great. The small parts such as search lights needed work or replacement. I was able to use enough of the kit provided small parts or raided the parts box as needed. The brass barrels really set off the kit and pay tribute to Steve Nuttall and the excellent contribution he made to my beloved hobby. The Illinois is a fine addition to an already growing collection of early American warships from ISW. If you are a 1/350 scale pre-dreadnought or Dreadnought fan like I am, these ships are a 'must have' for your collection. It is my understanding that ISW will continue to release additional 1/350 scale American Pre-Dreadnoughts and Dreadnoughts. Like many others, I am looking forward to adding these kits to my collection.

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Quintin Trammell