This is my Commanders/Iron Shipwright USS Leahy CG-16 in 1/350 scale. I finished her several years ago, but have had to take a long hiatus from ship modeling due to a new job and cross country move. It is a fantastic kit and I thoroughly enjoyed building her! I used Veteran Models accessory parts, including the Phalanx CIWS, SLQ-32 ECM boxes, Harpoon canisters, Mk-32 Torpedo tubes, ASROC, and Mk-36 SRBOC's. I scratch-built the masts completely from brass wire and tubing. The decals are a mix of the excellent kit decals and some from the spares drawer. The SH-2 Seasprite is from White Ensign Models. Acetylene and oxygen bottles are L'Arsenal. The photo-etch is a mix of the kit stock material, Gold Medal Models, WEM, and some railings from the old Panda Burke kit. Figures are from Plastruct and were intended to be used in architectural models. After a little shaping they worked out great in 1/350 scale. As is my custom, I placed the model in a dynamic seascape of liquitex acrylic gel and painted the surface with basic acrylic artist paints. The whole sea-surface was "wetted-up" with several coats of future floor wax. Now that I am finally settled I intend to move on the the ISW USS Guam.

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Geoff Cook