Here's some shots of Iron Shipwright's 1/350 scale USS Ranger CV-4. I always wanted to do this kit ever since Jon at ISW showed me the pattern back in, I believe 2002 at Virginia Beach. This kit went together without any major problems, some minor fitting of the gun galleries. I would suggest adding styrene braces across the hanger deck to increase the gluing surfaces for the wood deck, and support the gun galleries, not to mention additional detail it would add to the underside of the flight deck. The wood deck comes in two pieces separated at the aft expansion joint to allow for vertical or horizontal exhaust stacks. As my ref. photos showed a light foldable walkway along the vertical stacks connecting the two gun galleries, I used some spare perforated strip to replicate these. This kit has a very extensive photo-etch fret which includes parts for backdating such as the .50 cal mgs, palisades, two bladed aircraft props, additional cranes, etc. I built mine as she was during her time operating with the Home Fleet raiding German targets in Norway. I enjoyed building this kit and I feel the wait was worth it!

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Dave Judy