This is my build of the Commanders/Iron Shipwright ACR-9 South Dakota 1906 in 1:350 scale. This is another great armoured cruiser from Iron Shipwright. If you like the coal belching cruisers, this is another must for your collection. It fits great with the New York, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, and battleship Michigan.

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This is a typical ISW model. It is not for a beginner. The hull is typical ISW with cleanup required. The instructions are less than adequate and the small parts require a lot of work or complete replacement in some cases. The photo-etch frets are excellent. I had some trouble understanding the railing and eventually decided to "roll my own" so my model may not be exactly accurate to reference.

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I added anchor chain, main gun barrels from Steve Nuttall, and some small parts from stock. A big "thank you" to Steve Berti for providing me plans of the ship. I strongly recommend you add this kit to your collection. It takes some work but you won't be disappointed.

Quintin Trammell