This is my Commanders/Iron Shipwright USS Truxtun CGN-35. I built her in her final, modernized appearance (late 1980's fit) with twin Mk-141 harpoon launchers and twin Mk-15 Phalanx CIWS guns added. It is an excellent kit with loads of detail and a great photo-etch fret. I also would like to note that the casting was uniformly excellent, with very few bubbles or flaws. I used a mix of Commanders and White Ensign Models rails and I added an SH-2F Seasprite from WEM as well. As is my custom, I requested the ship be water-lined from Ted at ISW. He will gladly cast half a hull for anyone who so desires and I placed the completed product in a dynamic seascape. I am pretty happy with the results. If you are interested in modern USN subjects, this is an excellent kit with top notch photo-etch details. I should also note that the decal sheet is excellent, with a full lineup of deck markings and details. Highly recommended! It looks cool next to my Long Beach.

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Geoff Cook