These are three drawings of the plan view, that depict the fore end of the island at 'flight deck' and 'A' deck level of HMS Illustrious as built in 1940. They are also applicable for HMS Formidable, HMS Victorious and HMS Indomitable, all as built. They were drafted by Alan Raven and are presented courtesy of WR Press. The plan at 'A' deck level is shown first and shows how the 'A' deck platform extended beyond the deck house.

Overview and A Deck Plan View
Illust9223list.JPG (11493 bytes) Illust9222plan.JPG (10414 bytes) Illust9224planA.JPG (11932 bytes)

The next drawing shows the same area but one level below, at flight deck level. Again the deck house of the island is shown with an open area enclosed by a screen in front of the deck house. The area under the A deck level platform overhang is open. The side screen height is from the flight deck to 'A' deck level. The side screen runs from point A at the top, on the outboard side of the island to point A at the right, at the aft end of the island.

Flight Deck Plan View
Illust9225planFltDeck.JPG (9978 bytes) Illust9226planFltDeck.JPG (13519 bytes) Illust9227planFltDeck.JPG (14326 bytes) Illust9233screen.JPG (11231 bytes)

The last drawing shows the plan view of the loading platform for the pom-pom.

Aft Platform
Illust9230screen.JPG (12839 bytes) Illust9228platform.JPG (11056 bytes) Illust9229Raven.JPG (7273 bytes)

* As eagle-eyed Ray D. Bean has already observed, the labels on the photographs are mislabeled "USS Illustrious" when they should have been labeled "HMS Illustrious". This is the result of error by the editor of SteelNavy, who composed and applied the labels. The labels should read "HMS Illustrious 1940, As Built, Plan of fore end of the island at 'flight deck' and 'A' deck level, Plan by Alan Raven, Courtesy of WR Press"