[1] INS JALASHWA [L 41] is the latest addition to Indian fleet. Originating as USS TRENTON, the 16900 ton, vessel was bought by Indian Government and inducted in the Indian Navy in September 2007. She is the second largest vessel, next to INS Viraat, in Indian naval fleet. For the model I have used a 1:700 scale resin kit by JAG
of USS AUSTIN. Trenton was no.14 of the same class. A lot of changes were observed from the newspaper photos published when she sailed in Indian waters. I have tried to incorporate many of those modifications
in the model to the best of my ability. SeaKing copters are by Trumpeter and are to 1:700 scale with 4 in Hanger &
2 on Deck.

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[2] INS RAJPUT [D 51], a Russian built Kashin class,Destroyer. She was commissioned in Indian Navy on 30th September 1980. The kit is of 1:700 scale by Combrig. With no proper instruction sheet, assembley is tedious.
Model is not yet complete for lack of parts.

[3] INS AJAY [P 34],is modified Pauk II class Russian built ASW Corvette. She was commissioned in Indian Navy on 24th January 1990. The kit is 1:400 scale by Mirage Hobby. However it is wrongly denoted as 'Athay', it should be 'Abhay'.

[4] INS PRABAL [K 92],is also Russian designed, but built at Mumbai's Mazgaon Docks Ltd, with plating and CKD kit from Russia. Kit is 1:400 scale by Mirage Hobby.

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Ullhas Chogle