This is a drawing of the plan view of the flight deck of HMS Indomitable as built in 1941.  It was drafted by Alan Raven and is presented courtesy of WR Press. Almost all annotations are found on the upper edge of the drawing, the port side of Indomitable,  but normally apply to the starboard side as well, as indicated by the annotation p&s (port & starboard). Any are marked "A" indicates the presence of a safety net. HMS Indomitable was the fourth and last of the Illustrious Class Aircraft Carrier of the Royal Navy.

Indom1501ar.JPG (5966 bytes) Indom1505aftAR.JPG (12166 bytes)
Indom1504midaftAR.JPG (15442 bytes) Indom1503midAR.JPG (15820 bytes) Indom1502bowAR.JPG (12950 bytes)

All four, Illustrious, Formidable, Victorious and Indomitable were laid down in 1937. All four performed valiantly during World War Two and the design is noted for their armored hangar. The armored hangar served the class well and they survived bombing attacks that might have sunk an unarmored carrier but the price paid for the armor was a small air complement of 36 aircraft on 23 ,000-ton ships. Indomitable was launched March 26, 1940 and commissioned October 10, 1941.