Here is my 1/400 scale Innex Tarantul II class missile boat.  The Innex, which I believe is from the Mirage line and is based from that kit. It had a good overall shape but its details were soft. Much of the kit was re-worked or scratch-built. The mast assembly, missile launchers (little kits in and of themselves) and blast deflectors, among others were scratch-built.  Photo-Etch is from a variety of sources, plastic scrap and parts box bit fleshed out the build. It's a shame that no manufacturer produces a dedicated PE for this or the Mirage line of kits. Paints were White Ensign Models, the hull numbers are dry transfers and thank god for Colorado Decals for providing the white decal stripe on the hull. I wanted to capture the power and speed of the Tarantul II, so I tried something different with the sea.  I think having the bow leaving the water brings the ship to 'life'.

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Hans Beernink