Here are pictures of my USS Iowa scratch built in 1/96th scale.  The Iowa (BB-4) was a one-off design, essentially an improved Indiana class battleship.  She had a raised fo'c'sle, balanced turrets, and twelve inch guns (rather then the 13" of the Indiana class).  These improvements made her a much better seaboat, and resulted in a nice balance, for a "Coast Defense" battleship of armor, speed, and armament.  She was present off Santiago , Cuba on July 3, 1898, and was instrumental in the destruction of the Spanish squadron under Admiral Cevera.

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The model is R/C and constructed of clear white pine, aspen, and styrene.  Fittings are cast in fiberglass resin, or were purchased from Model Shipways.  Running gear is from The Battler's Connection ( The model handles well on the water, and looks great with my other Spanish American War vessels, such as the USS Brooklyn (pictured).    

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Tim Quinlan