I fell in love with the HMS Hood some years ago while reading the book "Pursuit" by Ludovic Kennedy (in Italy "Caccia alla Bismarck" ). I began to collect documentation about the HMS Hood and I got an Italeri 1/720 scale Hood. I started the model, but due to lack of time it was put unfinished in my garage for a few years. In August 2006 I found it under a layer of dust, and I decided to finish it to represent the Hood in 1937/38. Unfortunately I finally get my used copy of "Anatomy of the ship Battlecruiser Hood" when she was almost finished, so when I realized that some detail that I scratch-built were wrong in shape it was too late.

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Materials Used:

Italeri 1/720 scale HMS Hood

White Ensign Models 1/700 scale Photo-Etch set

White Ensign Models Colourcoats paints

Gold Medal Models 1/700 scale Crew


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Dino Carancini