Many modelers have talked to Ted Paris. He and Jon Warneke are the people behind Commanders/ Iron Shipwright Models. When you cal the ISW toll free telephone number, the voice at the other end of the line is Tedís. What few people know is that Tedís family name of Paris, was not always such. When his family came through Ellis Island his familyís name was changed to Paris from Parisi. Since his ancestors came from Italy, Ted and his wife, Deb, make visits to Italy almost yearly. Each time they visit Giampiero Galeotti of Regia Marina. What goes on during these visits? Curious minds want to know.

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When photographs broke of the secret meeting between Jacques Druel of LíArsenal and Yiannis Sagiadinos of YS Master Pieces (Click for Coverage on that Secret Meeting), it was not known what prompted the secret meeting. Now it surfaces that earlier this year in April, there was a secret conference between Commanders/Iron Shipwright and Regia Marina held aboard Tedís luxury yacht in the Bay of Naples. Clearly the subsequent Franco-Greek meeting was in response to this secret Italian-American meeting. If you get out a map of Europe and draw a straight line from Caen, home of LíArsenal, to the Greek Island of Corfu, home of YS Master Pieces, it runs suspiciously close to Rome (Roma), Italy, home of Giampiero Galeotti of Regia Marina. Clearly Jacques was up to some aerial reconnaissance and photography of Regia Marina operations and products in his sorties to and from Corfu.

Ted and Giampiero must have known they might be observed, so they moved their secret meeting south of Rome to the Bay of Naples on Ted's luxury yacht. First Ted examined the new masters that Giampiero had created for the Regia Marina line up. Things were proceeding swimmingly, as Ted eagerly shopped in Naples for new figurines for his automobileís dashboard. However, it was then discovered that Ted had consumed all of the Chianti that was acquired for a big party that evening and for a time that put a cloud on the events.

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After the meeting, everybody became cheerful again, largely prompted by Tedís restroom problem and "accident" at Pompei, which was highly amusing for everybody else. Special thanks go to Giampiero Galeotti of Regia Marina for providing these photographs. Most of the photographs also show Enrico, interpreter and counsel, for the two.

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