Dmitri Antonov sent these photographs that he took of a scratch-built model of the Russian battlecruiser Izmail. The model of Izmail shows the ship according to the 1917 project. The scale is 1/125. The model was built by Mr. S. E. Vinogradov more than 10 years ago and needs some restoration. Mr. Vinogradov is author of "The Last Giants of the Imperial Russian Fleet". Published in 1999 by Galea Print of Saint Petersburg, this hard cover volume of 408 pages presents the history in text (Russian), photographs and plans of the last battleship designs of the Imperial Russian Navy. The Izmail was one of the four battlecruisers of the Borodino Class. All four were laid down in 1912 and were launched as follows: Izmail June 22, 1915; Borodino July 7, 1915; Kinburn October 30, 1915; and Navarin November 11, 1916. None were completed, as work on all four stopped in February 1917 due to a lack of materials and labor problems. They were broken up in 1925-1925. The design had twelve 14-inch/52 main guns and twenty-four 5.1-inch/55 secondary guns. Maximum speed was to be 26 1/2-knots with an armored belt of 12-inches maximum.

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