Well, it took me nearly four months to complete the J&D Productions USS Virginia SSN-774 in 1/192nd scale, but it's finally finished and now rests comfortably on my desk at work. As this is my very first multimedia kit, I was at a loss sometimes due to my inexperience with the resin components. I'd like to thank a certain someone for encouraging me in the final push to complete this mammoth boat!

SSN-774-2smallA.jpg (85482 bytes) SSN-774-3smallA.jpg (63597 bytes) SSN-774-5smallA.jpg (76744 bytes) SSN-774-4smallA.jpg (100030 bytes)

I saw the awesome review by John Sheridan (USS Texas) and knew I had to have one of these! The actual submarine model is just under 24 inches long and the case was built by J&D Productions, as I'm a doofus with wood. Thanks again to Don and Jeanne at J&D for their first class service, including hand-delivering the case to me in Washington, DC.

Stanley Liu