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USN Gearing Class
(Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernization)

JAG Collective
1:700 Scale Waterline Kit


Rob Mackie

The JAG Collective 1/700th Gearing FRAM destroyer is an all new kit of this important US Navy destroyer class (click here for the extensive Warship photo tour and class description). The Jim Shirley kit (click here for the Warship review) is no longer in production, so this new JAG Collective offering fills an important void. It should also be noted that this is an all new master. It is considerably sharper and more detailed than the Jim Shirley version, which was not bad by any means. The JAG kit also includes an etched brass fret with details particular to the ship. The fret does not include brass railing, however. More importantly, the JAG model captures the subtle sheer line of the Gearings, a feature Skywave managed to botch in their injection offering. Casting on my pre-production sample was very sharp and the hull more detailed than on the Jim Shirley kit. Interestingly, significant details (the aft deckhouse atop the superstructure, for instance) differ from the Jim Shirley version. I do not know to what this is attributable. FRAM conversions varied somewhat and the pattern maker may have used plans for a different Gearing FRAM. Nevertheless my initial impressions of the JAG kit are most favorable. The instructions are not yet available but this should be a very easy build. The Warship Gearing FRAM photo tour of the USS Joseph P. Kennedy should answer most of your detailing questions.

The FRAM kit will sell for US $38. See the JAG Collective page for availability. And click on the thumbnail images below to view full sized photos.

FRAM superstructure.jpg (20037 bytes)
Midship superstructures

FRAM forecastle.jpg (15400 bytes)
FRAM quarterdeck.jpg (10904 bytes)
Quarterdeck and helo pad

FRAM profile.jpg (13262 bytes)
Profile view

FRAM small parts.jpg (28713 bytes)
Small resin parts
FRAM PE.jpg (36205 bytes)
Brass artwork

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