"The invention which has altered the power of the navies of the world more than anything else is the invention and development of wireless telegraphy." (The Navy in My Time, London, Rich & Cowan, LTD, 1933, by Admiral Mark Kerr, at page 126

Admiral Kerr was right in his assessment of the role radio would play in naval warfare. Now, every captain was tied to the Admiralty, which could be thousands of miles away. However, there were still weaknesses. Radio messages had to be retransmitted to reach very long distances and were subject to extreme degradation and loss through unfavorable atmospheric conditions. In large measure these disadvantages were eliminated with the missile age. With communication satellites, a series of relay stations was no longer necessary as messages could be pinpointed from orbit to their intended recipients. 

If you model modern warships, you'll have noticed the advent of satellite communications with the mushrooming of the mushroom shapes of communication domes on modern designs. JAG has produced a new resin accessory set in 1:700 scale that provides a wide selection of these communications domes. Now if your favorite warship goes through a refit and sprouts a multitude of mushroom commo domes not found in your 1:700 scale kit, this JAG product will provide the latest and greatest shapes to upgrade your communications fit. As you can see, this set provides four strips of resin domes of eleven differently shaped domes. There are two of each type of resin runner which provide from two to four domes in each design.

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