IJN Akagi, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale The Akagi was built 6 years ago or so. I replaced all of the AA and gun-mount splinter shields with brass scrap to take away the heaviness. I also added struts under overhangs and used the Toms Models carrier set for this ship. I feel I should build this model again some day with the benefit of better research and newer techniques, as it is the most amazing carrier with its port side island and huge funnel.

Akagi & Kaga
IJN AKAGI  stbA.jpg (62283 bytes) IJN AKAGI Aa.jpg (47634 bytes) IJN KAGA 2a.jpg (67970 bytes) IJN KAGAa.jpg (41407 bytes)

IJN Kaga, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale The Kaga has all of the same comments as above. Kaga is another really great looking ship. I built the model at about the same time as Akagi.

Kongo & Cruisers
IJN KONGO  Tenryu and Kiso 2a.jpg (73121 bytes) IJN KONGO Tenryu and Kisoa.jpg (80539 bytes)

The IJN Battleship is the 1/700 Kongo built about 6-7 years ago with a Flagship Models photo-etched set. The cruisers are IJN Kiso and Tenryu, both 1/700 scale Tamiya models.

Jim Baumann