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Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine
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Photographed by
Rob Mackie
Alameda, CA.
7 October 2000

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Photographer's notes: I used a Nikon 990 digital camera. Sun placement was less than optimal. Ideally, it should be behind the photographer, but at this time of day (3 PM), it was getting lower in the sky and creating backlighting problems.  I decided against asking the Captain to move Key West to a birth with better lighting angles. Note how these "black subs" are really not black at all, but rather various shades of weathered dark gray (especially the anechoic tile), with lighter gray non-slip walkways. "Anechoic tile" is a sonar reflector/sound absorber designed to generate confusing echoes, functioning in a manner similar to the chaff used above surface.

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Those "rubber squares" are anechoic tiles

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Great photo-but big!

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Forward of the sub looking aft

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Guarding the 'nuke

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Nice view looking aft
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Don't slip!
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Note anechoic tile pattern, various shades of dark gray, weathering etc.
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