Mystery Model Revealed! - The April 2005 Mystery Model #1 generated a lot of speculation but no answer correctly identified all of the required elements. Everyone said that it was a Colossus Class light carrier and opinions were divided as to the scale. However, no one thought that the model was coming from L'Arsenal. This is somewhat surprising in that the Marine Nationale had the Arromanches of the class in service. Well all of the resin parts are done. Jacques still has to do the photo-etch fret and instructions. Detail for hull openings will also be in photo-etch as Jacques believes this is the only way to adequately capture certain features. As you can see, this model is for the original straight deck version. However, according ro Jacques, "The kit will be available first in her original shape, then with the various modifications made for the upgraded versions." The kit should be availabe in a couple of months.

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