Here is a short review of the L'Arsenal upgrade set for the 1/700 scale Trumpeter kit of RICHELIEU: As was to be expected, L'Arsenal issued their own upgrade set for the 1/700 scale Trumpeter kit of RICHELIEU. It is based on upgrade sets which were issued earlier. But the photo-etch fret was designed specifically for RICHELIEU. Since there are virtually:

- at least 50 single 20mm Oerlikons (with resin pedestals and PE guns, mounts, and shields)
- 14 Bofors 40mm quads (each made of 3 resin parts and 7 PE parts),
- 14 floater baskets of 2 sizes,
- 2 sets of SA radar antennas, and
- plenty of ladders,

this set is also recommended as a generic after market set for WW II US Navy ships.

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