During World War Two the one German aircraft that was the most ominous to the North Atlantic convoys was probably the FW200 Condor. These land based four engine bombers were the maritime reconnaissance units that spotted targets for the U-Boats and Luftwaffe. However, there was another reconnaissance aircraft that was equally as ominous in the North Atlantic and a harbinger of doom in any infrequently traveled sea lane. That was the Arado 196 floatplane. Every Kriegsmarine surface ship that was equipped with a catapult had at least one of these green splinter camouflaged reconnaissance aircraft on board. Raider/Merchant cruisers often carried the Arado in their holds and it was swung into the water and recovered with the ship's cargo booms. Now L'Arsenal makes it possible to properly fit your Tamiya Bismarck and Tirpitz with their long range eyes. In a new 1:350 accessory package, AC 350-27, L'Arsenal provides the resin and brass parts for two 1:350 scale Arado 196 floatplanes. Each of the Arados comes with three resin pieces, the aircraft plus two pontoons and five brass pieces, the propeller and four pontoon struts.

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