One common feature found in fittings of almost every navyís warships during World War Two was a balsa flotation life raft, commonly called the Carley float. Because of their size and design, they are very noticeable on any ship build from that era. Well, what if your kit doesnít have any carleys, or you want to add more, or you donít like the ones that came with the kit? If you want the best 1:350 scale carleys on the market for your ship, perhaps you should consider accessory set AC350-30 from LíArsenal. This set contains resin and photo-etch for completion of twenty 25-man balsa rafts. The body of each raft is resin with a photo-etch bottom. There are also additional photo-etch detail parts included on the fret.

Rafts3280resin.JPG (20906 bytes) Raft3282fret.JPG (35600 bytes) Raft3286pe.JPG (25900 bytes)
Raft3287pe.JPG (27937 bytes) Raft3284pe.JPG (22509 bytes) Raft3285pe.JPG (23928 bytes)
Raft3288inst1.JPG (24121 bytes) Raft3289inst2.JPG (21258 bytes) Raft3279pack.JPG (26287 bytes)

This set actually came with twenty-one resin bodies. These feature all of the ribbing found on their exteriors, as well as two tabs at the bottom of each resin body to help position the bottom netting. The stainless steel fret comes with 20 bottom nets, 38 paddles, and 10 tie down straps. As you can see from the count, a total of 20 rafts can be built but only 18 will have paddles and only 10 can use the very nice tie-down strips. However, as the instructions note, the tie down straps were used to secure piles of two to three rafts and there are certainly enough tie-down straps for ten such piles.

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