Jacques Druel of L'Arsenal has come up with an interesting concept. With brass photo-etch set AC350-51, entitled Structural Parts, Set One, L'Arsenal has packaged an interesting assortment of generic ship fittings in 1:350 scale. First of all, most of the parts are relief-etched and exhibit all of the extraordinary quality for which L'Arsenal is known. Since this is "Set One" it can be anticipated that Jacques will release additional sets of different fittings in the future. To see if this set is for you, just look at the photographs. Could your 1:350 scale model benefit from one or more of these fittings? Included in this set are nine large circular deck plates, eight medium circular deck plates and nine small circular base plates. Rectangular base plates are also included with nine large and twelve medium plates included. Do you need supports for your bridge wings or other overhang? L'Arsenal provides two types of open lattice grid supports and small solid platform supports. There are eight large lattice supports, ten medium size lattice supports and eight small solid supports with void holes for weight savings. The set also has an assortment of coamings. Among these are eleven oval door coamings, ten rectangular door coamings, three large deck hatch coamings and three small deck hatch coamings. The instructions indicate that there are eight funnel grids but to me they appear to be ventilation louvers. A good portion of the fret is for deck hatches. There are four styles of deck gratings. Included are eight large, eleven large medium, twelve small medium, thirteen rectangular small and twenty-three square small gratings. 

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