OK, here is a problem. You wish to build a World War Two 1:350 scale USN or RN warship kit to a mid-war or late-war fit but the kit available is of the ship in a different appearance. If the model is of an early fit, the model won't have the Oerlikon 20mm guns, gun tubs and ammunition lockers. Or here is another problem. You have a plastic kit but the splinter shields on the gun tubs look like they are protected by 9-inch rolled armor because injected plastic cannot achieve the requisite thinness. L'Arsenal has the solution with detail set AC350-24. This set contains ten resin 20mm gun tubs, twenty ammunition lockers divided equally between two types of design and a stainless steel photo-etch fret of 40 ammunition locker lids, again equally divided in two different styles. The ammunition lockers have large casting blocks, which are easily removed but the casting of the resin parts is of excellent quality.

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