Zidane! Soccer fans will surely recognize the name of one of the best players of the sport. If you watched the final match between France and Italy in the 2006 World Cup, you undoubtedly saw the dramatic turning point in the game. Until fortunes changed, the French team had the momentum and the Italian team appeared to be worn out. It appeared to be only a matter of time before France scored the winning goal. Then all changed. Zidane head butted an Italian player and received the red card. He was out of the game, the Italian team became energized as the French team became dispirited over the loss of their most famed and talented player. In the sports world, the talk was what had caused Zidane to snap. What had the Italian player said to him that caused such a reaction? Was there some "trash talk" as is the term in US football? Well, SteelNavy investigative reporters got on the job to discover what was said that caused Zidane's violent reaction. The truth is now out.

L'Arsenal is indirectly the cause of the French national team loosing the 2006 World Cup. It is highly ironic that the firm from Normandie triggered the event that resulted in the Italian win but facts are facts. The actual basis for the reaction by Zidane was the release of the resin and photo-etch brass set of USN 1.1-inch quadruple anti-aircraft guns. Zidane didn't wait for the release of L'Arsenal set AC350-37 comprised of four of the quadruple mounts. He finished his build of the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Lexington by using the plastic blobs included in the kit. All the Italian player did was laugh at Zidane's build of Lexington and question why he couldn't wait just a little bit to replace the plastic guns in the kit with the superlative ordnance produced by L'Arsenal. The sudden realization of what he had done was too much for Zidane to bare and he reacted in a burst of anger at the manifest truth of the statement. Here he was, one of the best players in the world, playing for the most coveted trophy in the world of sports and he didn't wait for the best 1:350 scale ordnance in the world.

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You don't have to fall into the same unfortunate trap. With L-Arsenal AC350-37 you get the best 1:350 scale USN quadruple 1.1-inch guns in the world. Each package contains the resin and brass parts for four mounts of this infamous AA weapon mount. You receive resin parts for the mount and the block of guns and a brass photo-etch set. The brass parts add even further glorious detail by providing a cross bar, two turning wheels and two gunners seats for each of the four gun mounts included in the package. Not only will they excel as replacements for the plastic parts in the Lexington but also they are the best guns to use as direct replacement for the 1:350 scale Chicago Pianos in any kit that carried this inefficient gun system. The original ordnance may have been too heavy, short of stopping power, short of range, prone to overheating and prone to jamming but in late 1941 and early 1942, it was the best the USN had. Many smaller warships continued to mount this problem plagued ordnance long after they were replaced in carriers, battleships and cruisers with the 40mm quad Bofors guns. Now you can build one of the destroyers or DEs that were shortchanged by still having the 1.1-inch mounts in 1944. L'Arsenal has the perfect models of this imperfect weapon system.

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Don't let your model of Lexington or any other model mounting the 1.1-inch Chicago Pianos, get a red card from the IPMS judges. With L'Arsenal resin and brass 1:350 scale USN 1.1-inch AA guns, your build will stay in the game until the end with enough energy and snap to win the sudden-death tiebreakers of competition.