L'Arsenal has been busy producing an outstanding line of 1:350 accessories for the naval modeler. In addition to an expanding range of aircraft, L'Arsenal has already produced a 20mm Oerlikon set and Quad 40mm Bofors set. Now the company from Normandie has added a Five-Inch/38 USN fully enclosed mount single gun set. The set, AC 350-14 comes with fifteen resin pieces, five each of gun mount, barrel with blast bag and barrel without blast bag.

5InchS7243parts.JPG (116935 bytes) 5InchS7244barrels.JPG (101692 bytes) 5InchS7236gunmounts.JPG (110205 bytes)
5InchS7222left.JPG (82576 bytes) 5InchS7228front.JPG (36247 bytes) 5InchS7226right.JPG (53406 bytes) 5InchS7227rear.JPG (44752 bytes)
5InchS7230top.JPG (46992 bytes) 5InchS7245Inst1.JPG (92083 bytes) 5InchS7246Inst2.JPG (68980 bytes)

Next up for L'Arsenal comes the five-inch/38 twin mount. Here are preview photographs of that version.

5InchT7247left.JPG (45433 bytes) 5InchT7248front.JPG (47232 bytes) 5InchT7252right.JPG (52846 bytes) 5InchT7250rear.JPG (50164 bytes)
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