Oddly enough, one of the most successful torpedo bomber designs of World War Two was one of the oldest. Far more ancient in appearance than the Japanese Kate torpedo bomber or the excellent Grumman TBF Avenger of 1942 and thereafter, the Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber was an echo of the 1920s. With a biplane design, fixed landing gear and open cockpits for its three man crew, the String Bag looked to be more comfortable in a World War One setting than World War Two. Nonetheless the Swordfish attack on the Italian Fleet at the harbor of Taranto in 1940 crippled the Regia Marina and became the pattern for Admiral Yamamoto's Pearl Harbor attack plan one year later. The Bismarck would have probably made it to the safety of Brest without the torpedo strike on her stern by a Swordfish. Although the Fleet Arm Arm had been handicapped in the interwar years by inefficient obsolete designs, the Swordfish was one such design that excelled in spite of design deficiencies. 

L'Arsenal aircraft set AC700-12 has five resin and brass Swordfish in 1:700 scale. The fuselage is finely detailed resin but everything else is relief-etched brass. Because of the numerous small parts for each aircraft, don't rush construction. These little models deserve to be savored.

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You have seen other Stringbag resin and photo-etch sets from L'Arsenal but those were in larger scales. Now Jacques has these excellent miniatures in 1:700 scale, just perfect for your FAA. Now if there were some RN carriers for them....oh wait....Jacques has a couple of them as well.