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L'Arsenal July 2002 Update
Bofors Quad 40mm Guns, 1:350
AC 350-07
This accessory from L'Arsenal has developed much interest. The L'Arsenal Bofers Quad 40mm comes with six mounts per package. Each gun mount consists of three resin pieces and seventeen photo-etched brass parts, although four brass pieces per mount are spares. The mount is easy to build but make sure you cut out the brass parts over a table or other flat service, otherwise the parts can be easily lost because of their small size. I found the most difficult step in assembly was getting the front shield positioned correctly. In every catagory L'Arsenal has produced an excellent and very useful product.
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Thanks to Andreas Hanke, better known on the Message Board as andy@germany, the Preiser 1:350 set of merchant seamen (set 89350) can be seen with the L'Arsenal Bofors Quad 40mm. The figures come painted as seen. A little touchup with paint and they will make nice crewmen for the Bofors. Preiser4650seamen.JPG (81187 bytes) Bofors4658paproF.JPG (129157 bytes)
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Breguet Alize, 1:400
AC 400-18
The Breguet Alize (BR 1050) is a modern French ASW aircraft. Entering service in 1982, the Alize is slow with a maximum speed of 240 knots. She has an endurance of 4 hours and 45 minutes and a range of 685 nautical miles. The weapons package can include Mk 46 torpedoes, 100 mm rockets, depth charges, 50 & 250 kg bombs and sonobuoys. (Five to the Pack)
Alize4577cover.JPG (129652 bytes) Alize4578assembly.JPG (74286 bytes) Alize4581PE.JPG (124023 bytes)
Alize4582rtpro.JPG (107388 bytes) Alize4583top.JPG (130732 bytes) Alize4584leftdiag.JPG (88657 bytes) Alize4585rtreardiag.JPG (67830 bytes)
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Corsair F4U, 1:400
AC 400-20
The classic Corsair F4U, mainstay of naval and marine aviation in World War Two and ground attack in the Korean War was also extensively employed by the Marine Nationale. This kit (5 to the pack) is the four bladed propeller version.
F4U4574cover.JPG (93834 bytes) F4U4575assembly.JPG (63114 bytes) F4U4576package.JPG (107404 bytes)
F4U4567leftpro.JPG (85029 bytes) F4U4568plan.JPG (101953 bytes) F4U4569sfdia.JPG (82153 bytes) F4U4572PE.JPG (97720 bytes)
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L'Arsenal March 2002 Update
Helldiver SB2C-3
Entering service in 1943, the SB2C Helldiver was the successor for the SBD Dauntless. Moderately faster than the Dauntless, the Helldiver had shorter range than its predecessor, 1,110 miles vs 1,345 miles. However, its bomb-load was almost twice that of the Dauntless, 2,000 lb compared to 1,200 lb. The Helldiver was the standard dive-bomber on Essex Class Carriers. Priced at 6.10 Euros (around US$5.50) for a set of five, the L'Arsenal Helldiver is an exceptional value. You can start on your air group for the  forthcoming Trumpeter 1:350 Essex. L'Arsenal also produces the Grumman F6F Hellcat (AC 350-4) AC 350-06
LArsenal2805SB2C-3.JPG (51279 bytes) LArsenal2807SB2C-3plan.JPG (47014 bytes) LArsenal2752SB2C-3resin.JPG (100301 bytes)
LArsenal2753SB2C-3PE.JPG (114694 bytes) LArsenal2754SB2C-2inst.JPG (86699 bytes) LArsenal2755SB2C-3draw.JPG (63158 bytes)


Corsair F4U
Arguably the greatest naval fighter design from World War Two, the Vought F4U Corsair came into service with the USMC at Guadacanal in February 1943. The other great naval fighter, the Grumman F6F Hellcat disappeared from service as soon as the war ended but the Corsair flew on, in service up to 1965. The Corsair destroyed 2,140 enemy aircraft against 189 lost Corsairs. L'Arsenal provides five aircraft per package at a price of 6.10 Euros (around US$5.50). AC 350-05
LArsenal2741F4U.JPG (60735 bytes) LArsenal2809FFF4Upro.JPG (55093 bytes) LArsenal2808F4Uplan.JPG (55972 bytes) LArsenal2810F4Udiag.JPG (59355 bytes)
LArsenal2743F4Uresin.JPG (94415 bytes) LArsenal2745F4UPE.JPG (76842 bytes) LArsenal2746F4Uinst.JPG (79784 bytes) LArsenal2747F4Udraw.JPG (56012 bytes)


Seahawk SC-1
The Curtis SC-1 Seahawk started replacing the Vought OS2U Kingfisher and Curtis SOC. The Seahawk had a dramatically improved performance with almost twice the speed, twice the altitude and greater range than her predecessors. Introduced in 1944 the Seahawk was widely fielded in 1945. L'Arsenal provides two Seahawks for 6.10 Euros (around US$5.50). AC 350-08
LArsenal2757SC1pro.JPG (39663 bytes) LArsenal2756SC1plan.JPG (72628 bytes) LArsenal2758SC1resin.JPG (72840 bytes)
LArsenal2759SC1PE.JPG (150504 bytes) LArsenal2760SC1inst.JPG (84366 bytes) LArsenal2761SC1draw.JPG (59538 bytes)