Most warships, cruiser size and larger had wooden planked decks, although the IJN used linoleum on the decks of their cruisers. One benefit of wooden planking was footing. Wooden planks provided better footing, when wet, than bare steel decks. However, when it came to destroyers and smaller vessels, it was more common to find bare steel decks. During World War Two the USN came up with a solution to provide better footing on the steel decks of their destroyers. That solution was in the form a anti-skid deck mats.

How many modelers who have built a 1:350 scale model of a USN World War Two destroyer have included anti-skid strips on their model. Probably few. It may be included in some kits but I have not seen it. The closest thing to it has probably been decals.  L'Arsenal is now producing what has hitherto been missing, relief-etched brass photo-etch anti-skid deck mats.

Photographs from Fletcher, Gearing & Sumner Destroyers
by Jeff Herne, Published by WR Press
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L'Arsenal set AC350-34 comes with two brass frets of anti-skid mats. Each fret contains four strips of decking, two of a continuous pattern and two of a segmented pattern. Each strip is 105mm (4 1/8-inches) in length. In total that is 84cm or 33-inches of relief-etched brass. For those that have used decal in the past, just compare the decals with the photographs of the three dimensional brass to see which you prefer. For those that have just built destroyers with bare decks, you may consider the extra dimension and detail that can be added to your model with this product.

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