The Swedish designed Bofors 40mm gun became the pre-eminent medium AA gun of World War Two. By the end of the war, anything that floated in the USN was desperately trying to add Bofors to their AA suite. The optimum solution was as many quad Bofors as could be mounted. However, many ships had too much top weight to fit a quad mount. This was especially true with prewar destroyer designs, that were being given "Kamikaze" fits. If they couldn't ship quads, give them some twins. A twin Bofors 40mm mount was developed for this situation. L'Arsenal now produces a resin and brass super-detail set for the Bofors Twin 40mm in 1:350 Scale.

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Designed by Pierre Marchal, Bernard Berton and Jacques Druel, the workmanship and fine detail are clearly up to exacting standards set by L'Arsenal. Available in packs of six, L'Arsenal continues to add super-detailing sets at a dizzying pace.